I have struggled with weight loss and fitness for most of my life.  A friend of mine recommended Josh and I started working with him a year ago.

Josh and Derek smashed my stereotype of a "personal trainer".  I have always felt intimidated by the "pretty boy" trainers whose perfect bodies seem to come so effortlessly.  I have succeeded at Full Circle Fitness, despite myself and my excuses. Josh works from a place of compassion and knows how to gently make suggestions until I'm ready to get off my butt and take action.

To date, I have lost almost 40 pounds, toned my body and I am eating in a healthful way like I never have before.  There is no magic pill to losing the fat and frustration...but Josh and Derek are the guys to have on your side if you have finally decided you are sick and tired of what you see in the mirror.

I am blessed and grateful to have made this investment in me!

Give up the excuses and love yourself enough to find the solution at Full Circle Fitness.