Personal Trainer

BS-Kinesiology, C.H.E.K. Practitioner II, Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, N.A.S.M.–OPT, N.A.S.M.–PES, A.C.S.M.–HFI, N.S.C.A.–CP

After more than 10 years experience as a trainer, I recognized the need to create a better environment for my clients than I could at the gym where I worked. Together with my friend and fellow CHEK Practitioner, Josh Maness, we have established a private training studio where we provide optimal one-on-one training for people committed to improving their physical well being. Here we have created a focused, energetic environment where we can help everyone from athletes seeking to enhance peak performance to people overcoming chronic ailments. I’m now able devote the individual attention and consideration necessary to keep my clients moving forward towards a happier, healthier life. I feel truly grateful and blessed to finally be in a position where I am playing a pivotal role helping others gain the tools to experience a life as rich and wonderful as I have.


Personal Trainer

BA-Psychology, C.H.E.K. Practitioner II, Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, N.A.S.M.–OPT, N.A.S.M.–SFS, N.S.C.A.–CPT

I am currently a level II C.H.E.K Practitioner and a level II C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach working to complete the C.H.E.K program. I am committed to practicing and passing on the knowledge I have gained while continuing to stay open to new philosophies and experiences. I truly believe the idea of optimal health has been lost in the present day health and fitness industry. The market is flooded with supplements and equipment that promise to change your life in days with minimal amounts of work. This faulty model continually breeds failure and frustration. I witness this on a daily basis and strive to break that pattern. Full Circle Fitness Coaching doesn’t rely on gimmicks or empty promises. With over two decades of combined experience, Derek Motsinger and I provide you with a model that requires education, hard work, and a desire to feel your best. I promise if you bring the desire to be healthy we can help guide you to a better wellbeing.