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Whether you want to look and feel healthier, increase vitality or alleviate chronic musculoskeletal pain, Full Circle Fitness Coaching provides the total training environment to suit your needs.

At Full Circle Fitness, we have established a private training studio to provide optimal one-on-one training for people committed to improving their physical well-being. We have created a focused, energetic environment to help everyone from athletes seeking to enhance peak performance to people overcoming chronic ailments.

Full Circle Fitness Coaching offers a wide variety of services to fit each client's needs and goals. We will work closely with you to identify where you are - and where you want to go - with your fitness regimen. 

We use a holistic approach utilizing objective physical measurements, optimizing nutrition through Metabolic Typing and implementing behavioral change to help you reach your physical, mental and spiritual capacity. 


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Your Coaches

With over a decade of combined training experience, the coaches at FCFC have extensive training backgrounds in varied disciplines to bring you a better result. Both Derek Motsinger and Josh Maness have completed numerous nationally recognized training programs as well as rigorous training at the CHEK Institute, and hold CHEK Practitioner Level II and Holistic Lifestyle Coach level II certifications.

With training in orthopedic assessment, core function, and program design, Derek & Josh possess the essential skills necessary for creating effective conditioning programs for a diverse clientele. Combining these skills with thorough nutrition and lifestyle management, your fitness coach will produce a comprehensive plan to inspire change and provide revitalization.

Derek Motsinger


BS-Kinesiology, C.H.E.K. Practitioner II, Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, N.A.S.M.–OPT, N.A.S.M.–PES, A.C.S.M.–HFI, N.S.C.A.–CP

With more than 10 years experience as a trainer, I recognize the need to create a good environment for my clients to achieve their fitness goals. 
At Full Circle Fitness, I’m able devote the individual attention and consideration necessary to keep my clients moving forward towards a happier, healthier life. I feel truly grateful and blessed to finally be in a position where I am playing a pivotal role helping others gain the tools to experience a life as rich and wonderful as I have.

Josh Maness


BA-Psychology, C.H.E.K. Practitioner II, Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, N.A.S.M.–OPT, N.A.S.M.–SFS, N.S.C.A.–CPT

I believe the idea of optimal health has been lost in the present day health and fitness industry. The market is flooded with supplements and equipment that promise to change your life in days with minimal amounts of work. This faulty model continually breeds failure and frustration. I witness this on a daily basis and strive to break that pattern.
Full Circle Fitness Coaching doesn’t rely on gimmicks or empty promises. We provide you with a model that requires education, hard work, and a desire to feel your best. I promise if you bring the desire to be healthy we can help guide you to a better well-being.

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(619) 293-3856


3940 4th Avenue
Suite 330
San Diego CA 92103